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As a new parent, you need all the advice you can get concerning your child’s health. At HG Pediatrics, we understand newborn care’s critical nature as it forms a healthy foundation for your baby. Dr. Homero Garza, MD, leads a team of qualified professionals and will provide expert advice concerning your child’s health in Houston, Texas. Visit us today, and let us help you chart the way towards a healthy life for your infant.

Newborn Care

Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is a set of medical procedures designed to ensure your infant has a healthy start in life. At HG Pediatrics, we offer newborn care from 3 to 5 days of birth and ensure that the baby has all the medical support required for a healthy start.

Our newborn care service runs from birth up until two months. Some of the services the package encompasses are:

  • Early detection of health concerns, including allergies
  • Completion of newborn screenings
  • Training for essential newborn care
  • Feeding support, including breastfeeding or formula feeding
  • Assessment and close monitoring of your newborn’s health
  • Growth and development tracking
  • Timely education and a resource for concerns or questions
  • Immunizations

Newborn care is designed to help both the parent and the baby. How? At HG Pediatrics, we will offer you advice that will prepare you for all the challenges you will face when taking care of an infant.

What does newborn care entail?

Newborn care is usually initiated at the hospital where you gave birth. At HG Pediatrics we can assume care as soon as five days after delivery. Our experts will hold periodical visits at two weeks, one month, and two months during which they will check the following:

  • Skin
  • Spine
  • Head
  • Eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Neurological status and reflexes
  • Muscle tone and movement
  • Cry and reaction to stimulation
  • Lungs, heart, and abdomen
  • Genitals

Other procedures we may conduct during these visits include:

  • Blood work
  • Vaccination
  • Treatment (when necessary)
  • Circumcision

What education does newborn care include?

Our newborn care service at HG pediatrics encompasses the following:

  • Infant hygiene and bathing
  • Safety at home
  • Developmental expectations and milestones
  • Circumcision care
  • Breastfeeding and formula feeding counseling
  • Immunization schedule, risks, and benefits
  • Signs of illness, allergies, or developmental problems

During the first few weeks as a new parent, we understand taking care of your baby can be a hectic affair. Therefore, we have designed our newborn care service to be as comprehensive as possible. We offer same-day availability when you have concerns regarding your child’s health.
Contact us for more information regarding newborn care.

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Dr. Garza is one of the best doctors that I´ve ever met; he is always super helpful. I recommend him for all kids of all ages.


Ernesto Pereda

Dr Garza is amazing. I really am pleased to have my children cared for by him. Thanks dr Garza


Elizabeth Martinez

Great service. Always answer my questions and attend to any of my concerns. No long wait and wonderful experience every time.


Jazzy Lockett

Excelente pediatrician.He always answered all my questions and take really good care of my daughter health. HE'S THE BEST !


Tatiana Rivera