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Sports Physical

Sports physicals are an essential part of your child’s goals. They ensure that they are fit to play in schools and are covered by most insurance companies once a year. At HG pediatrics, Homero Garza, MD, together with the Houston, Texas team, completes sports physicals to boost your child’s safety during sport-related activities. Visit us today for these services.


Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a series of examinations that a doctor performs on your child to ensure that they are healthy enough to participate in sport-related activities. This procedure is mandatory in most schools and must be done annually before a new sports season commences.

Sports physicals are similar to general physicals, with the only significant difference being the former is more extensive and can be focused on a specific sport. Given that these two examinations are related, the HG Pediatrics team can perform them in a single appointment.

What should I expect during a sports physical?

During the procedure, Homer Garza, MD, performs the following:

  • Completes vision and hearing tests
  • Checks your abdomen, nose, ears, throat, heart, and lungs
  • Evaluates your posture, strength, flexibility, and joints
  • Records your weight and height
  • Checks your blood pressure
  • Goes over your medical history
  • Completes a thorough sports-specific physical examination

During the exam, you may be asked a couple of questions related to your health history. It is best to answer each of them truthfully as they are tailored to ensure the entire process is thorough.

What if I have a medical condition?

Health complications such as heart-related conditions prevent patients from engaging in sports activities. At HG Pediatrics we strongly advise our patients not to engage in such activities as it may be fatal. To put this into perspective, approximately one in 50,000 deaths occur in young athletes with heart-related issues.

In case you have an injury, the team may recommend a full recovery before getting back to the field. Also, if you have other conditions such as asthma, you may only be allowed to engage in sports activities under strict requirements such as an inhaler prescription.

At HG pediatrics, your general wellbeing is our main concern when performing a sports physical. If you pass, we will sign the appropriate school forms.

To schedule a sport or general physical, contact us today.

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Dr. Garza is one of the best doctors that I´ve ever met; he is always super helpful. I recommend him for all kids of all ages.


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Dr Garza is amazing. I really am pleased to have my children cared for by him. Thanks dr Garza


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Excelente pediatrician.He always answered all my questions and take really good care of my daughter health. HE'S THE BEST !


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